Build a Vibrant Content Community

We help you generate high-quality discussion on your blog with our interactive commenting plugin.

A beautiful plugin that "brings the comments"

Unlike Disqus or WordPress comments, we connect your blog to an active network of readers and commenters.

Rewards equal more engagement

Tired of posting top-notch content, only to hear the twirl of tumbleweeds rolling through your comments section?

Crowd Comments rewards your audience for interacting with your content. This dramatically increases the chance that users will comment.

Make commenting fun again

For users, the commenting experience is "gamified". They earn milestones and rewards for generating positive community-building results. It's fun for them, and it helps you quickly build a tight community.

Comments build trust and credibility

Visible engagement on your content shows visitors that your brand is credible and trustworthy.

The VIP effect

Nobody wants to be the only person at the party. Existing comments encourage other visitors to join the conversation.

Return visitors

After a visitor has commented, they're more likely to return to your site. Notifications tell them when they've been replied to or followed by other users.

Time on page

Discussion below your content gives visitors more content to read. Visitors stay on page longer and find valuable information left by other users.

Watch your community as it grows

Your admin dashboard provides a full suite of tools to manage and grow your community.


View high-level stats like number of comments and reactions per month or day.


Monitor individual threads to see which topics are engaging your audience.


View individual users to learn who your loyal community members are.


Easily see comments that are flagged for moderation and take appropriate action.


We'll promote your content to our active network of users, giving you extra exposure.


See which comments were left by guests and invite them to join your community.

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